NTWC, LLC is an image-based technology company that enables intimate communications in an environment that promotes privacy and respect for all.

Our goal is to create a comprehensive messaging platform that is engaging, fun, and, in turn, reduces body shaming and sexual violence.


We have created and released two apps:

Plume is a private messaging app that was designed for flirting. It provides a password-protected, secure environment for people to send intimate texts.

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flirtyQWERTY is a keyboard that allows you to send flirty emojis in any app you are using on your phone or from our password-protected application.

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Giving Back

Millions of people around the world are victims of sexual violence and are persecuted based on their gender, sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

NTWC will give a percentage of profits to organizations that educate women and girls and to organizations that fight for equality based on sexual orientation and gender identity.


NTWC was founded by Amy Galland.

It all began when Amy was flirting with a guy on her phone and couldn’t find an emoji to express what she wanted to say.  So she looked in the app store and online for an image to send.  What she found were collections of “adult” images that were crass and based on smiley-faces, not the type of imagery that communicates: “I am fun, sexy, and I respect myself – respect me, too.”

Frustrated with the options, Amy drew on her background in art history and women’s studies to create fun apps with images that are sexy and empowering for people of different races, sizes, ages, and sexual orientations.

In October 2016, NTWC was acquired and will continue its commitment to the original mission.


We hope you have fun spicing up your text life, and always remember to practice safe texts!



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